Who is Zebi?

Who is Zebi

Executive Summary

Zebi is first-of-a-kind, Ultra-scalable, Super-secure, and Comprehensive Database of people.
Drives efficiencies for Businesses, Governments, and enhances quality of life for all Indians.
Ultra secure, patent pending Zebi Vault™ keeps the data extremely safe from data breaches
National laws enforced while adopting global standards of Ethics & Privacy.
Promoters/Board/Management is an accomplished team of Technology and Marketing Experts.
Core biz focused on Consumer Data as a Service leveraging Big Data

  • Public Sector: All Government entities
  • Private Sector: Financial, eCommerce, Telecom, SMEs, FMCGs etc

An Ultra-scalable Super-secure Comprehensive Database platform

3rd party data and their derivatives offered as DaaS

Zebi is also certified for the Information Security Management System Standard ISO 27001:2013 with a scope of Providing Data as a Service(DaaS), Data Analytics & Secure Data Storage Services

Data Security is of paramount importance to Zebi. Zebi meets or exceeds national and international data privacy and data security regulations and norms.

Zebi Vault™, a patent pending extremely secure, privacy compliant and highly scalable platform. It is far more secure than traditional applications databases of organizations. It has plethora of security features like 256-bit encryption, multi key based encryption, multi-factor authentication, audit mechanism alerting on suspicious access, blockchain hashing for tamper proofing etc. Even Db administrators, Zebi employees can’t see the raw sensitive data. Even theoretical events like leakage of an encryption key, theft of a data file by a malicious insider also can’t cause a data breach given the several other safeguards in place.