Data Unification

Data Unification

“Zebi provides Data Unification to Indian Businesses/Governments of all sizes enabling data driven decisions that drive up efficiencies for businesses, governments”

India’s Big Data Problem

Growing Risk of Digital Fraud and Identify Theft.

Data of People and their activities is scattered

  • Across Governments and Private Enterprises.
  • Data is trapped in disparate technology systems.

Traditional database technologies can’t handle size or rate of change

  • Every year, more than a Zebi Byte new data is getting created.
  • That’s more than 25 million years of HD Video!

Data cannot be used effectively for better governance

  • Accessing data is slow and cumbersome.

Incremental and Isolated changes are being tried out

  • Not able to solve the problem…

India’s Big Data Problem: Scattered Data

Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) Leveraging Big Data

Single Source of Truth, Privacy Laws enforced, Secure, Scalable, Platform independent.