Why Zebi

Why Zebi

Key Differentiators of Zebi

  • Uniqueness: Offline+Online+Social+Government data sources
  • Homegrown: India’s first homegrown comprehensive repository
  • Patriotic: Data contained within Indian territorial borders
  • Ultra-scalable: Massive capacity to store granular consumer profiles on entire Indian population

  • Open-Source: Leverages the best platforms – Cassandra, Elastic Search, RiaK, Oyster etc
  • Privacy: Complies with National laws and leverages global standards and best practices
  • Super-secure: Highest level encryption for data access and protection
  • Quality: Refinement of Data using patent-pending Machine Learning algorithms

Security Principles

  • All data is stored using 256 bit encryption within India borders
  • Multi-factor authentication for consumer access into Zebi Portal
  • All data transfers are encrypted using SSL
  • Patent Pending Image Processing Technology to maintain privacy during crowd sourcing
  • Zebi Products and Services provide only minimal required set of fields to Clients

State of the art Privacy Principles


  • Enable consumers to understand what data is being collected
  • Provide consumers an easy-to-use mobile-friendly method to access and correct their information
  • Educate consumers about opt-out rights


  • Clearly disclose data elements being collected
  • Clearly disclose categories and sources of data
  • Ensure that our data sources have provided disclosures to their consumers


  • Privacy to be built into every stage of product development.
  • Avoid collection of sensitive information such as health, children, etc.
  • Ensure end clients use data appropriately (e.g. do not use data for discriminatory practices).